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31 Maret 2011

 I can't believe it, today is the end of March.
Happy birthday to my mommy Dee~ Fasci always love u mom.. You are the great mom in dC fam!
Wish u all the best. Proud of your love. :)
My Lumie-oppa has baked a special cake for u. Right, Lumie-oppa? ;D
It's a blue (black) forest cake. Umm.. No.. No.. It's a blue sea cake. Yeah, it because Lumie-oppa loves blue. *kicked*
I play a birthday song with May. She sings for you with her beautiful voice. My daughter, Azura, she writes something special for u. Neiva hides something in a big box. I don't know what is it.
Then, about Lumie-oppa's childrens, I don't know what they are preparing right now. Ask him. Umm.. I guess they are preparing a surprise for u.

How about daddy? Only u mom who knows it. Tell us.. Tell us.. Tell us.. Does he give u a pile of money? LoL!

Happy birthday my mommy Dee.. GBU always.. :)

Originally written by Fascienne Vespera de Conglée for Alula Amedea de Conglée's birthday.
Reposted by the Duke.